Quality Controller is a Post Engineering Specialization Certification program for Engineering Graduates & Diploma Holders. After Successful completion of this program each candidate will be enough trained equivalent to an Engineer of 5 year relevant experience in handling various duties and responsibilities of respective industry. The CQC Professional may work in following designation at various industries.



The Certification Program Covers wide range of topics and are not limited to Quality Control Only. This Course is crafted according to meet the Guidelines & Standards of ASME, API, ASNT, ASQ, AWS, BS and ISO. CQC is the only, Exclusive Accredited Certification Program for Fresh Engineers towards the above said Quality Related Professions.


Topics covered in CQC are updated periodically to maintain the credibility, consistency and industry needs, hence the course syllabus is regularly revised by Professionals who review or prepares the ASME, ASNT, API, AWS, ISO Standards.


Few Topics which may be covered in the Certification program are, (not limited to)



About Examination


Examinations are classified into General, Open Book, Viva, Practical and P & P Preparation


All General Examination will be Objective Type Examinations with both Online & Offline mode of appearance available for all participants according to their convenience.

Open Book Examinations are Objective Exams based on a given Code Book which will be allowed to refer during the examination time.

Viva Examinations are normally a part of Practical Examination.

Practical Examinations are based on check points and each participant must achieve sufficient checkpoints to clear this examination.

P & P Preparation Examinations are based on the Skill participants gained in preparation and reviewing various inspection documents.


About Certification


General Certification


After Successful Completion of the Certification Program, All Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency by Decibel Examinations & Certifications which will be endorsed by the respective CQC – Governing Accredited Certification Body like (API, ASNT, ASQ, or ISO) respectively.


Add-on Certification


Since Certified Quality Controller topics meets/overcomes the requirements of SNT-TC-1A. Participants those who wish to attend Add-on certification examination for ASNT Accredited, Internationally Approved NDT Level 2 in accordance to SNT-TC-1A latest edition following at the institution for the following methods,